Change in Weather Pattern

Well we had two weeks of storms over Christmas and then two weeks of somewhat quieter weather since. Blocking across Europe has left the UK in a bit of a battleground between the Atlantic and our continental friends.  The result, has been #Helga, who has hung around the shores for a few days now and has been responsible for the showers as well as secondary lows swinging around her bringing heavier and more persistent rain.

From next week the patterns change once again with the Atlantic back for an encore performance with gales and further heavy rain. But this time there is a bit of a twist to the tale.

Meteorologically speaking, next weekend is still an awfully long way away. But, what happens next weekend for us meteorologists is quite an important event as the Atlantic throws in powerful and deep area of low pressure which then runs into the European block and stagnates over Western Europe.

The range of outcomes can be counted on ones fingers and toes and no weather models have settled into how the weather at the end of the month will end with the exception of agreeing that it will be wet, wild and could well be rather interesting indeed (fingers and toes crossed eh?)


Winter Temps Above Average For January 2014

We’re already halfway into the Winter Season and so far since Winter begun back in December 2013 it has been Mild and Wet with our friend,  The Jetstream has been dipping south below the United Kingdom and going through the English Channel and with that Jetstream being down South, We have seen low pressures after low pressures one after the other. This Week the Jetstream remains in that position bringing outbreaks of heavy rain and squally winds and temperatures have been above average in many towns and cities.

Cardiff and London has seen temperatures as high as +12c and Belfast and Glasgow have seen temperatures just a degree below +12c so they have seen temperatures as high as +10c or +11c.

Temperatures around this time of the year are supposed to be around the average which is 8C so the temperatures have been 4 degrees above the monthly average temperature value.

Yet , January so far has been mild and that trend will continue for the rest of January.

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Cold Nights and Cold Days – Could Britain See Winter Before it Bows Out?

Britain is waking up to a much drier and brighter day this morning with the sun shining  in many places , look’s as though (this low pressure is being kind and letting us have some sunshine ) but it wont last with a weather front sweeping in from the west with heavy rain and strong winds making their way in over much of Ireland and Wales with the heaviest spell of rain in the south and west.

Temperatures will be much colder than recent with lows of minus 2 to minus 4 degrees in the night-time and around 9 degrees in the daytime maximum. Look’s as though the “big freeze” isn’t happening this week with this low pressure dominating .

something is hinting at something colder for February with a northern blocking taking place so there may be a chance of the UK seeing snow before winter bows out , question is … “How much snow will there be and will it be widespread?” .

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Coby Rees : Top Meteorologist in South Wales

The knowledgeable and Intelligent Welsh Weather Meteorologist  Coby Rees is top priority for South Wales as much of the general public in south Wales and out of the Borders of the British Isles. Coby has been voted the top weather man in South Wales by the vast majority of the Rhondda Cynon Taff .

Coby Said ” I am proud to be a forecaster for south wales and I do thank the public for their generous support and effort into helping me become south wales top meteorologist”.

Forecasting started back in 2004 and this year marks 11 years in the making of my weather forecasting.

Carry on the great work – Diolch Yn Fawr – Thank You

Showery Week – Cold Nights Too!

This week will be a showery week for many of the British Isles and Low Flora dominates and yes , low pressure is back for some time now as we see this low pressure dominating for much of the week and by Wednesday , the weather would have gone downhill further more with gales and heavy rain.

This morning leaves Wales and Parts of Southern England have a day of sunshine and showers but elsewhere , it will be mainly a foggy day for some with sunny spells with temperatures on the cooler side with highs of 11 degrees, with Ireland also seeing heavy showers throughout the day.

Snow and sleet for north of Scotland and accumulations of 5cm are likely in parts of the Pennines and on the cairngorm summits.

Temperatures will plummet enough to give some black ice, frost to many places tonight


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Coby Gets Forecasting Headache!

Next week still looks like really testing our team of forecasters as a classic winter battle sets up with Britain set to be caught up right in the middle of it.  Let’s try and explain what is potentially going to happen and what the consequences could be for our shores.

High pressure will build over the northeast over Scandinavia and it will bring very cold conditions , not only to Scandinavia but to Britain as well.  But at the same time with that cold air pushing westward we will try and see some Atlantic systems making their way in but this is when the forecasting headache comes into  play . We have cold air trying to push westward across Britain and we have milder air crossing the Atlantic and trying to push in from the west so … who will win the battleground situation here then?.

Snow is possible , but lets put this to mind that snow is the most unpredictable element in our weather that is so complicated we don’t know where it will fall and how much there is going to be .


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Coby Slams Newspaper Hype

Coby , The Chief forecaster of Four seasons weather is writing this article regarding the ” big freeze” next week .. Here is what he has to say about this news :

” I’ve seen many people nagging on about this so called ” big freeze” when there isn’t going to be a big freeze ahead of us , but a cold snap is going to be with us fro Sunday and through into next week but only the west midlands and northwest England will see the worst affects on this cold but elsewhere nothing but crisp sunshine and low temperatures with ice in the nights and mornings with a risk of snow showers, Enough to accumulate as much as 2-5cm on high ground but nothing to disruptive ahead of us.

We are expecting a northern blocking to take place later this week with high pressure across Iceland and Scandinavia and we will see the high pressure dragging down arctic air from the north which will only push far down north as northwest England during early next week but later next week that cold is likely to affect further southern areas such as Southern England and South Wales.

Please don’t worry , we aren’t expecting snowmageddon ” The Mother of all snowstorms”

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Coby Announces : Temporary Depature in March 2014

Coby In July 2013

Four Seasons Chief Forecaster Coby is to depart forecasting for 2 weeks in March 2014 as part of an environmental issue around his area but he has said ” I will return possibly in April 1st 2014 for forecasting but as you know this is only temporary.”

However , The assistant forecasters will be taking over from the period of March 19th 2014 – April 1st 2014 and our Assistant Chief Forecaster Lee Barrett will be the temporary head of four seasons for the time being .

Coby will be back so don’t you worry and it’s another 2 months away yet before that happens!


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Coby Predicts Calmer Weather- But After That…..??

Forecaster Coby , Head of Four Seasons Weather has predicted that the UK will see some much more calmer on its way as a brief area of high pressure, Yes brief .. as it wont last long with low pressure coming to the scene shortly after it arrives.

The big concern for us meteorologist’s is that the low pressure that brought snowstorms to the us is heading our way but Coby has checked the latest models and it shows that the low pressure will be moving over Iceland by Friday and then the low pressure dives further toward Scotland and we should see winds pick up and snow falling on the 14th lightly before the low becomes more dominant within hours to come after the 14th. However the cold wont be as severe as the USA …

The conclusion is .. is that we have warm Atlantic waters , with warm Atlantic waters  and cold weather from the US Heading our way.. If we do have bad weather with snow from the US the snow will turn to rain as it goes over the Atlantic so only the north should see the worst.

we will see the return of overnight and morning frost and mornings will also be crisp and sunny with calmer weather and high pressure over us by end of January into February 2014.


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Yellowstone Super Volcano

Coby has claimed that “one of the planets largest volcanoes could erupt in years to come”


The volcano under Yellowstone is much bigger than geologists had previously thought and could wipe out most animal, human and plant life on the planet.

The Independent subheadline warned:  “Scientists have analysed the molten rock within the dormant supervolcano beneath Yellowstone National Park and found that eruption is possible without any external trigger.”

The scientific study showed that the Yellowstone volcano has a magma chamber more than twice as large as previous estimates.  The so-called supervolcano stretches for more than 55 miles and contains between 200 to 600 cubic kilometers of molten rock.

A lava cave containing the red-hot lava is 20 miles wide and almost two miles deep.

“We’ve been working there for a long time, and we’ve always thought it would be bigger,” said Bob Smith, University of Utah professor. “But this finding is astounding.”

“We record earthquakes in and around Yellowstone, and we measure the seismic waves as they travel through the ground,” said Dr. Jamie Farrell, of the University of Utah. “The waves travel slower through hot and partially molten material (and) with this, we can measure what’s beneath.”

The last major eruption happened on North Ameriac 640,000 years ago and covered the continent with ash causing dramatic global cooling.    Geologists agree that an eruption now could possibly wipe out human life on the planet.

But other websites claim it will only affect North America and not the whole globe!

Stormy Sunday – Rivers Still High

Sunday will be another stormy day with heavy rain and strong winds battering the coastal regions of England and Wales as storm Christina makes her way across the Atlantic ocean and hits our shores. Storm Christina has problems of her own but in a British way, Yes you’ve guessed it.. Rain! . The heaviest of the rain will be across south and west Wales and across southern England across Devon and Cornwall and it’s going to be mild with a high of 12 in Plymouth.

Storm Christina will last for a whole week and that means more flooding and more homes damaged due to high tides and this storm making the tides stronger and with the rivers high and if the rivers are high and they are going into the rivers it has nowhere to go but the sea  backs  up further and further up the river bend and the river becomes swollen.

Environment Agency are keeping an eye on local rivers in your area

I Urge you not to go near sea fronts during high tides or going near rivers that are very swollen!

Thank You!

Major Atlantic Storm

Severity Level : 4

Written by : Coby Rees

Date : Saturday 4th January 2014

Saturday will be the day that will be the calm before the storm, The reason being is that the deep area of low pressure ( formerly Storm Anne) moved into the north sea and is headed across Scandinavia and Norway leaving the UK have a respite or a brief relief from the recent flooding that happened on Thursday and Friday this week.

Now, Our eyes cast out at the North Atlantic Ocean during Saturday night as the next severe Atlantic storm moves in and may I say.. This storm could rival ” Storm Dirk” that lashed Britain during Monday 30th December 2013. My main concern as to this storm is the flooding because we’ve had so much relentless rain over the past 2 weeks, The ground is so saturated that with further rainwater falling from the atmosphere the water will have nowhere to go but to race down the mountains and probably cause mud to clog drains then once the drains are clogged there’s floods on the road.

The image below shows the next storm for Sunday 5th January 2014


Coby’s Weather Organisation – Largest in South Wales

A Meteorologist , Coby Rees from south wales begun a weather organisation in Wales in early 2013 and has hired 4 meteorologists to help forecast the weather for the Whole of the UK ( United Kingdom) all those who are working for Four seasons weather such as Mick Dunne , Lee Barrett , Kasim Awan and myself work hard every year to predict the weather and get accurate readings.

However , this organisation is ever-growing and is expanding across the Globe .

keep up the good work guys!

New Blog

We’ve launched our new blog section of our website to write articles about the latest weather conditions , severe weather , astronomical content etc…

Our meteorologist’s Coby Rees & Kasim Awan will be working very hard this year as this year will probably unfold some dramatic weather events such as thunderstorms , heat waves , heavy snow and much more.

We’ve already released our first article on a dramatic weather event.. Visit our blog to see what we’ve written up for you!

Mild Again But Wet

Britain wakes up to a much more wetter morning as Low Helga dominates the country still for the rest of this week but today we are expecting some really hefty showers across much of the country especially across the South and East of the country and Scotland could see some snow for a time on higher ground too.

Wales and Northern Ireland will see some thundery showers sometime today but the showers wont be severe enough to cause flash flooding but I wouldn’t rule out localised flooding in your area.

(Running out of words with the rain , is there any other type of rain apart from Heavy Rain and Light Rain or even Thundery Rain?!)

More rain to come tomorrow.